DURU GROUP which enables food, cleaning products, personal care products to be found in the right time at the right place provides sustainable service and quality, success-oriented, principled, respected ,preferred, social, leading and an humble sales and distribituon organisation.

Our Company's business journey started with Yaşar DURU's leadership along with Sakıp İNCEEL in 1973, today continues under the second generation's management with the same vision of being "the pioneer company in food, cleaning products, personal care products distribution nationwide".

DURU GROUP is an integrated organisation of similar sales and distribituon companies located in Mediterranean & Aegean regions which are consist of other supportive companies provides services towards common needs.

With its 500 staff and 300 vehicle fleet visiting periodically about approximately 10,000 customers (pharmacies, Chain Supermarkets& Stores,restaurants, holiday resorts) at these regions Duru Group is in a leading distribituon company position of high-standart quality and well-known brands products which are over 160,000. Our Company also has a 22,000 m2 open spaced 13,000 m2 closed warehouses located in Antalya City and in İzmir City there is a campus of 15,000 m2 open spaced, 4,500 m2 of indoor storage depot.

DURU GROUP has been developing innovations in the Sales & Distribution sector. Every year we organise an exhibition under the name “Duru Group Fair” in order to exchange of views , sharing mutual visions and to find solutions together to the specific requirements with the customers and the manufacturer firms. DURU GROUP was also the first company organizes its own exhibitions in Turkey on personal care products sector.