There are approximately 500 employees within DURU GROUP. The most valued applications of Human Resources are preserving the corporate culture, to meet the needs of every employee with the needs of the business, to have a unity of purpose, to strengthen the team work and to invest in professional and personal development.


Our main principle in personnel selection and placement; is to have the skills required for the job, to live up to DURU GROUP corporate values.When employing, Duru Group companies gives priority to the canditates who are successful in human relationships, self-confident, dynamic, has teamwork skills and creative.


There is an orientation programme given to our new employees when they join DURU family in accordance with their positions. With these training programs our aim is provide employee adaptation as soon as possible.


“Transformation invariance” philosophy has been regarded as one of the principle DURU GROUP who strives for continious development of all employees. In order to improve Professional and personal development we enable them to participate in internal and external training programmes.


In order to take advantage of skilled employees in short-term and to evaluate and to guide our potential employees in the long-term we have Internship programmes. Each year all applications are assessed in May and all applicants are informed. Applications for the Commerce High School internships are being done between 1st of June and 30th of September every year. All applications would be evaluated in the same period and the candidate is informed of a positive or negative reply. Please Send your applications to

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